Introduction To Winding Wire Performance


In recent years, the development of nanotechnology has created conditions for the improvement and enhancement of winding wire for variable frequency motors. The development of homogeneous, transparent and better coating paints is not only conducive to the production of wires, but also makes the performance of enameled wires better. And may produce new characteristics, thereby expanding the application of enameled wire.

Faced with foreign advanced technology, many domestic companies have also started, relying on foreign experience, using imported paint, and developing enameled wires for high-frequency motors. Relevant domestic research institutions, Shanghai Electric Institute and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute have also carried out research work to varying degrees, starting with the research on insulating paint, preparing for the establishment of test bases, and formulating relevant standards for wires and motors. The work is proceeding one after another, and some results have been achieved.

Enameled wires for variable frequency motors have made great progress in China through several years of hard work. However, due to factors such as price and application range, it is still in the research and development stage. The development of enameled wire is still waiting for the expansion of the application field. For example, inverter air conditioners and inverter refrigerators, which are very popular in the household appliances market, are developing very fast, but it is not known whether the inverter enameled wire has been used. But it is certain that the high-power variable frequency motors used in metallurgy, steel rolling, mining, railways, transportation and other industries have adopted or are preparing to use variable frequency motors enameled copper wire, and most of them are imported from abroad.

Due to the large increase in copper prices, aluminum wire has the advantages of small proportion, low price, rich resources, and the needs of special occasions, aluminum as the conductor of the winding wire has risen again. There are already motors in Yantai Dongshan and Tongling Jingda in China. , Wuxi Jufeng, etc. produce fully enameled aluminum wire, Tianjin Jingwei electromagnetic wire produces wrapped aluminum wire, the situation is promising, mainly used in microwave oven transformers, reactors, degaussing coils, electroacoustic devices, lighting rectifiers and other occasions.