There is also a possibility that you might receive a Clue

This collection will decrease the odds of getting kicked out from your farming place whilst pickpocketing. If you do not have a high enough Thieving level or you don't want to perform this method, then you can also buy the Imbued Ring of RS gold Wealth, head to the Edgeville Dungeon, and kill Thugs. They are level 10 monsters, therefore killing them should not be a tough task even for a new players. With the ring, you also will have 1/64 opportunity to acquire a scroll fall after every kill.

Medium Clue Scrolls - Although they are called moderate, they are much more challenging to acquire than beginner and simple scrolls. The best way to farm Medium Clues is via battle with Ice Warriors. They may be seen in large numbers deep into the north-west Wilderness. They may be easily killed with Dwarf Multicannon and ranged strikes. Just remember that visiting the Wilderness includes a threat of Player vs. Player combat, and thus don't take anything too precious.

Hard Clue Scrolls - Probably the simplest way to get them is by searching Hellhounds. They are sometimes located at Taverley dungeon. However, those near Wilderness lever will be our goal. The motive for this is that gamers who kill creatures from the Wilderness can benefit from the Imbued Ring of Wealth influence, which increases their drop rate significantly. Among the most efficient methods to farm is Barrows. The minigame is rewarding by itself, so if you would like to farm Clue Scrolls there, you can create a little extra gain before even starting Treasure Trail. You'll receive around a 3% chance to receive a scroll upon beating all six of Barrows brothers.

Master Clue Scrolls - Although Master Clues would be the most difficult to complete, they are not as difficult to acquire. There are currently two ways to get them in Old School RuneScape. The first method entails finishing easier Clues. You can get Master Clues from Reward Casket. On Easy Difficulty, it is 1/50 chance, on Medium 1/30, on Tough 1/15 and Elite 1/5. So the sole Clue Scroll which doesn't have the Master Clue Scroll since the benefit is for novices.

Another way of obtaining them entails a deal that you may create with NPC Watson in Hosidius House. It's a great way of dumping scrolls which you can't finish. If you're stuck on one of the puzzles, you can give it away to Watson and farm for a new one to begin over.

There is also a possibility that you might receive a Clue Scroll drop from skilling. A opportunity to receive one rises together with the quality of the material you're working with. By way of example, once you are woodcutting, you may get Clue Scrolls more frequently from Yew trees than ordinary ones, when Mining, you will receive more hints from Runite rock than from Iron. Throughout skilling, you've got a 28.5percent chance for buy OSRS gold or Easy Clue Scroll, 21.4percent chance for a Moderate one, 14.2% to get a Difficult, and 7.1percent chance for Elite.