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While smithing will make you money if you use it to smelt metal bars, smithing loses you money should you use the ability for hammer and RS gold anvil metal processing. It is not by essentially having level 74 smithing (such as Salmoneus) which you are able to find a Santa Hat. Individuals who do not need to fish but who want to rapidly increase their cooking level will knowingly eliminate money buy purchasing raw fish, cooking the fish to get fast cooking XP, and selling the cooked (not as gp) fish back into the Grand Exchange.

A fantastic thing to do would be to fish, promote raws into the Grand Exchange. Maintain you cooking level at 4. And should you require food to train your combatfish, sell the uncooked fish to the Grand Exchange and purchase cooked fish. You have the cooked fish to eat and at precisely the exact same time end up with more cash if you do it that way. Again, if you want a Santa Hat, a better idea is to maintain your cooking level , and promote raws. Cooking just loses money. Another man who published suggested runecrafting for great money. But don't bother with that, runecrafting is a wholly useless skill. There are better ways to make money than runecrafting.

Someone suggested cows south of Falador for if you would like to train your combat (melee, range), since it's close to a bank. However, the cow area in the north of Lumbridge (which has Beefy Bill) is a much better spot. You give 10 raw beef to Beefy Bill and he'll put 9 into your bank (he takes 1), give him 10 cowhides and he'll put 9 into your lender (he takes 1 cowhide for himself). This is a good place for low-level combat training, since Beefy Bill is standing right in the cow area, thus saving you the trouble of conducting far to RuneScape gold buy lender your uncooked beef and cowhides. And should you want prayer experience, then bury the bones as you're training your battle.