How to Wrap Presents in Animal Crossing

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Wrapping presents in Animal Crossing is a vital piece of information to find out in order to get involved in all the break cheer the bingo has to offer. Besides the seasonal ornaments and snow which were recently included with the game, players can send wrapped presents with other players with this festive season. Wrapping gifts in Animal Crossing is a fairly simple process. This is part of sending letters to players, and for players familiar with sending letters, this process becomes much easier. This guide will detail all the steps of packing and sending gifts, so players who are new to mail sending will not be disappointed.

First of all, both players exchanging ACNH Items must come into contact with the other person by visiting their island. It mustn't be a long visit, just addressing the island will probably be enough. After that, both players are going to be registered for mail delivery.

Look from the outside of Dodo Airlines so that you can see an exhibit with cards on the right side of Orville. At the display, players could have the option to send directions for 200 Bells. Here there will likely be options for decorating and customizing the letter. Make sure to leave a form note to spread the vacation cheer.

After writing some text, there will likely be an option to attach something special in the bottom right. The vast majority of items could be sent as presents, except for players who don't have anything good for you, bells can even be attached. The present process isn't exclusively for other players though, villagers in your town can be sent gifts and definitely will thank you for the type of present. provides players with the most reliable bell trading platform. Buy the best quality bells on The best service, multiple payment methods, fast delivery, full in stock! If you are visiting our website for the first time and are not confident enough to sell our website, then I suggest you try a small amount of purchase, which will be your most enjoyable shopping experience.

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