The Main Performance Of Tapered Button Bits

       With the development of technology, Tapered Button Bits have become more and more high-tech. Therefore, they are used in various projects, especially in various projects such as railways, public furnaces, and water conservancy projects. Tapered Button Bits are indispensable. Important machinery. Now it is also widely used in the support and processing engineering of rural deep foundation pits and blasting engineering. This is mainly due to the good performance of Tapered Button Bits.
        First of all, Tapered Button Bits are very compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, easy to move, and very flexible to use, even on slopes and scaffolding. Moreover, the output torque of the Tapered Button Bits hydraulic power head is much larger than other mechanical facilities, which results in the Tapered Button Bits' strong drilling ability and a wide range of applications. Kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer's power head's speed can also achieve stepless speed change, which can meet the different construction requirements of different construction sites and achieve the best results.