Animal Crossing's Home & Shop Dimensions NEED An Upgrade Soon

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons needs to upgrade the home floor plan and storage space because the player's room has been used up. Tom Nook also provides space for expansion.

Players have seen developers notice the lack of space because the Winter Update of Animal Crossing has increased the game's space and item upgrades. This is a very important addition because the latest bugs, fish, furniture, and other ACNH Photos are constantly occupying the player's house. New Horizons increased its home storage space by 50%, changing the original 1,600 slot limit to 2,400, for which Tom Nook paid up to 500,000 bells.

Currently, except for the storage area addition, there have not been any changes made to the original proportions of the shops and player's home. Animal Crossing update has devoted to inclusive content and interesting events instead. While these focuses are good and should stay expanded on, it might be interesting to find out something like a shed or possibly another building added when the player's home isn't going to determine any more additions through Tom Nook's generous mortgages.

Size upgrades through Tom Nook will be especially nice for shops like Able and Sisters and Nook's Cranny in the late game. Upgrading could allow you to buy items and bells, or, such as a second-floor upgrade into a player house, accommodate customization with the storefront. It might be also interesting to discover stalls added shops for characters like Saharah to seem in, perhaps showing up inside the stores with increased wares available than when they're wandering this tropical isle. Animal Crossing islands aren't huge, so space and ways in which players utilize it is a critical section of town organization.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has continued to feature fantastic new content for players to savor, so adding more space allows fans to show off more in the decorations they've already spent a great deal of time collecting, and excellent their dream layouts.


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