Personal Reflection

The best predictors of future personality of an individual are his/her past deeds. Leadership skills are formed in childhood, and later a person just shows his/her potential in practice. My mother has always told me that I have inner strength and leadership skills. It is true because from an early age I have somehow controlled the situation with my classmates. I know how to resolve all disputes and properly organize school activities.

One of the first real-life situations when I applied my leadership skills was the organization of a school party. It was the end of the year, and all my classmates wanted to make it unforgettable. However, our teacher was really strict. She thought that parties should not be organized on school premises. My classmates asked me to take actions and find the proper solution. It was a huge challenge; however, an individual who is afraid of challenges is not a potential leader. I started thinking how to persuade my teacher and understood that the party had to be organized with the involvement of the teaching staff. I came to my teacher’s office and stated that my classmates wanted to prepare a surprise party for all teachers and students of our school. This fact intrigued my teacher.

She agreed but asked me to receive permission from the teaching staff. After one hour, I returned to my classmates with a positive result. I explained that we were supposed to organize the great party for the whole school. I clarified my expectations and distributed the tasks. During the next week, I monitored and guided my classmates, controlled the process of preparation, looked through the scenario, and simultaneously tried to engage other students in work. Together we managed to organize the school party. This experience showed me how to encourage teamwork, promote collaboration, and take necessary steps to achieve the key objective.

Innovative thinking is my personal creative side. To my mind, creativity is the human ability to think outside the box and provide non-standard and unpredictable solutions to existing problems. I try to use my creative thinking in everyday life. Creative thinking influences my vision of the world. I never take an easy path and try to propose creative solutions to problems which I encounter during my lifetime. I cannot say that creativity is directly related to my major, but it influences every aspect of my life.

Once, when I was the president of the school club, we were supposed to publish advertisements. However, our budget did not allow us to use services of a publishing company. One evening, I was sitting in a café thinking what to do. Suddenly, I noticed how a small girl was doing something with her scissors. I started observing her actions and understood that she was trying to create an invitation card. I was inspired to act because I wanted to increase the number of students in the club and strengthen its power. There were only a few members, and we needed new people to introduce desired projects.

After returning to our club, I stated that next day each of our members had to bring ten hand-made advertisements. I gave the club members a chance to choose the style but provided the text. When we distributed our advertisements, other students asked why each of them was different. We explained that it was the manifestation of diversity that prevailed in our club. It was a great solution to the problem as nobody understood that we simply lacked money. The students thought that our advertisements were the expression of club’s creativity. This creative solution helped us to find new members and save money.

I think that an individual should take active actions to improve his/her community. Since my childhood, I cherished a dream of restoring our school gym. One day I realized that my dreams could remain only dreams if I would not take active actions. I came to my class and, together with our students, we decided to organize the garage sale at school. We thought that this event could help us to raise money for some balls and paint. We came to the principal and obtained permission for the organization of the event. Later, other students and I created a poster asking people to participate in the collection of items that could be sold. During the whole week, students brought to our class their old and unnecessary things. We estimated their value as well as registered them, and on the forthcoming Saturday, the garage sale was organized. To our great astonishment, this event attracted the attention of the whole community. There were many customers, and none of them went home empty-handed. We could not even imagine that our efforts would lead to such enormous success. This activity assisted our school to make a fortune. The school administration managed not only to repair our old gym but also to build a new playground for children.

That experience showed me that in order to achieve something, people should start taking active steps towards the realization of their dreams. Together with other students, we managed to reach our mutual goal. Today, every time I pass my school, I look at children who run and play in the playground. When I see their happy faces, I realize that insurmountable hardships can always be overcome.

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