How to Choose the Right Freeze Dryer


Not all Freeze Dry GF Machine are the same. Some are designed for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical with benchtop dryers that hold vials and flasks, to the larger floor units that can have moveable shelves to push in stopper on vials when the drying stage is completed. Others are designed for the home market and sit on your bench, while the rest can range from pilot size dryers to big 1500+kg batch dryers and be used for drying anything from foods to documents. So, with so many different types what is best?

There are companies all over the worlds that accomplish and advertise benumb dryers, and it is a amount of searching at what they action and comparing anniversary machine. Unfortunately there is no accepted blazon of benumb dryer out there so you may not be able to analyze apples with apples.

Here are some questions you should be allurement if searching at benumb dryers and what is on offer: What exhaustion do I need? As a guide, atmospheric (sea level) burden is 1017mBar, and a lot of accommodation are abandoned to about 1mBar afore dehydration begins. Some dryers can accept a 2 date exhaustion pump that will acquiesce the exhaustion burden to go lower. What temperature does it charge to be? All articles accept to be arctic solid. This is usually about -20°C, but some articles charge to go down to -35°C (products with top brix levels or sugars).

For sublimation to appear ( transformation from ice to vapour after casual through the aqueous phase) there accept to be a aberration of temperature amid the artefact and the ice braid of at atomic 10°C (20°C is better), so the ice braid should be about the -40°C range. Energy is bare to be added to the artefact to alpha the sublimation process. Can you benumb in place? Some benumb dryers accept the adeptness to benumb artefact central the dryer. Whilst this will save on the purchasing of a abstracted bang freezer, it will add time to the action of benumb dehydration by up to 6 hrs or more. If turn-around time is important again it is best to accept a abstracted freezer to get the next amount accessible already the dryer is unloaded and defrosted.

Dryers that are able to benumb in abode will accept some anatomy of Heat Transfer Fluid active through the shelving, and this will aswell be acclimated in heating as well. Types of Heat Transfer Fluid would be glycol, brine, oil or hydrocarbon and these will actuate how hot or algid the dryer will go.

Drying cycle times will depend on the type and amount of product being dried. Some dryers can do a batch in 8 hrs and others in 24 hrs, or longer. This is product dependant and how fast you get the energy in. The faster the drying time the higher the energy used in the dryer. This can be an issue with heat sensitive products like proteins or flowers, so you need to be aware that speed is not always the best option. If you intersted in more information on Dried Food or GuanFeng Freeze Dry Machine Solution , including its history and applications, check out the links below