The ratings of some top players in FIFA 22 have been leaked

To some extent, these months have been eventful, especially in the field of world football. First of all, Messi finally left Barcelona and chose to join Paris Saint-Germain, while England also achieved the best performance in history in international football, and the opening day of the Premier League has passed, and the new season has officially begun. More importantly, the new games of the FIFA series are getting closer and closer to us. The scores of some FUT players have been leaked out, which even makes people overlook some of the new features in FIFA 22 displayed by EA.

In FIFA Ultimate Team mode, players can freely form a team and compete with other players on the network. The main way for players to get the FUT 22 Coins players they want is through microtransactions, which keeps this mode always active, and the Ultimate Team mode has therefore become the most popular mode in FIFA games.

If you want to get the top players in football history, then spending some money to buy a FUT player package may be an option. However, many people think this is a kind of gambling, because the content of the package cannot be revealed before the game is purchased. But this year EA made some changes. They decided to let players decide whether to buy player card packs in the form of preview content.

With the help of videos provided by some Cheap FIFA 22 Coins players, we learned about the ratings of some top players in FUT mode. You can check it first and decide whether to invite them to join your team.
    Lionel Messi – 93
    Cristiano Ronaldo – 93
    Robert Lewandowski – 93
    Kylian Mbappe – 92
    Jan Oblak – 91
    Marc-Andre ter Stegen – 90
    Mohamed Salah – 90
    Neymar Jr. – 90
    Karim Benzema – 90
    Virgil Van Dijk – 90
    Manuel Neuer – 89
    Son Heung-min – 89
    Thibaut Courtois – 89
    Alisson Becker – 88

In addition, players who lose points in FIFA 22 need not be frustrated by watching their opponents' goal celebrations. Mike Barnucz, the chief producer of FUT, stated that players can focus on their team's reaction by setting the celebratory lens diagonally. And if you want to get more coins to buy top players you want, I think you should choose UTnice, it is the best shop for!