Animal Crossing hacker provides free Raymonds to combat black market

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The enthusiasm surrounding Animal Crossing: New Horizons is very powerful. For some people who like games, the whole thing has evolved from pure enthusiasm to darkness. For content creator Poké Ninja, watching people share hundreds of Nook Miles tickets or hand over real money to raise a smug cat in the village is really wrong.

Although New Horizons has become mainstream, it also has a unique appeal to children who like bright and weird animal friends. With the rapid development of the economy, virtual ACNH Nook Miles Tickets are sold for actual bidding, thus tempting to get what you want – especially when the other option is to spend a lot of time on a mysterious island trip to get the villagers you want.

Therefore, the content creator sets the agenda. By using the saved editor to manage the black version of the game, Poké Ninja decided to implement as many Raymonds as he could. Although importing cats with amiibo is difficult, there will not be any such restrictions in a saved editor, which allows you to generate anything. Then, he created a phone online to make people realize that if they want Raymond, he might be there.

Over the course of about six hours, PokéNinja filled his island time and time again with requested villagers — Raymond was the key target, but there were clearly other asks, too, like Marshall, Sherb, and Judy. Folks will come over, find their requested villager in boxes, and persuade the crooks to move to their town. If you don't want to do this, you can also Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to get Raymond. Then, as soon as the players left, PokéNinja would load the save file again for any new crop of visitors. He estimates which more than the course in the day, he gave away around 30 Raymonds across the globe. is a platform that provides ticket transactions. Our website provides players with the most stable resources. If you are visiting our website for the first time and do not have enough confidence in our website, then it is recommended that you try a small amount of purchase, which will be your most enjoyable shopping experience.


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