How to Show Love To Your Lover

Be yourself. Don’t play roles and don’t try to act like the cliché lovers you’ve seen in movies or shows. Play your own music when it comes to showing love. Use the next tips to write a piece of your own music.

Let your love shine through your actions and behaviors. Don’t rely on words to show your love especially when they’re not supported by prior behaviors. Are you claiming that you love him/her? Anyone could do that. If the feeling’s there, it must have turned into actions. The actions are the foundations you need to base your claim on. So the better path would be to go from actions to words. When there’s a need for a word to be heard, speak from your heart.

Use the circumstances coming up to show your love. When you do it during a normal talk or in normal situations, it won’t impress him/her. It will be a sort of cliché. So use the situations that come up. When you choose circumstances to show your love, it’s like you pick a tool for doing it, and believe me: it’s a good tool.

When you do use words, remember what you’ve said and in fact, claimed. Your actions are going to prove or disprove it and he/she is waiting to see whether you keep your word or not. Call your guy with a cute nickname

Try to be unpredictable. Listen actively to learn the small/big things he/she cares about and then surprise him/her by doing something about it at the most unexpected time.

Show your love to others by showing your love for what they really like or what interests them. This is another impressive tool. Learn how to use it.

Remember that some people recognize or show love in different ways. For example, some people may show their love by kissing and touching, while another person may show love by doing things or just having quality time with the one they love. Fine-tune your music to match your beloved one’s needs and expectations.

Think and act spontaneously, Do be prepared (like you’re reading this), but don’t exactly pre-plan anything.

Golden Rule for Special Moments: When you’ve built enough credit about your feelings towards him/her, make a small unexpected comment or sentence about your previously-undisclosed feelings at a very special moment, especially with a tone showing you’re not waiting for a response (e.g. Without looking into her eyes). 

An example of this is illustrated here: you do something for her/him, she/he is amazed and appreciates it, you seize the opportunity and tell her of your very honorable belief about her/him. This can be so emotionally penetrative. Such an opportunity only happens once in your relationship. You’ll it a very special moment when it comes up. So Don’t use this rule in ordinary situations and fore you’ve built enough credit with your partner.


  • A very important skill to show love is “listening”. When you listen, you pick up things that the person you love tells you, such as their likes, their dreams, etc. You can later use this information to surprise them with something special that you can do for them. The ideas can be tailored to your or your recipient’s personality.
  • You’ll have to think about your own versions of showing love or you’ll fall into the trap of copying existing clichés. The more customized and personal you make it, the more real and effective it becomes.

Warnings: Don’t use one sentence or phrase too many times. Don’t use them mechanically. Words lose impact with repletion.

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