Top 6 Books on Managerial Accounting You Must Read

From covering budgeting to setting standard costs, from computing cost variance to pricing products or services – managerial accounting assignment helps an organisation strive towards success. Managerial accounting is a part of management accounting that involves managing and analysing the cost of the products or services of an organisation.

Now, if you feel the concepts are too confusing, here are six books to read for your managerial accounting assignments for help.


  1. Managerial Accounting by Ray Garrison

This book covers some of the most complex managerial accounting topics like process and job costing, the relationship between cost volume probabilities, price setting, standard costing, and the likes. You will also get invaluable insights into leadership skills and their importance in managerial accounting. You can download a pdf or get a Kindle e-version too.


  1. Cost Accounting by Charles T. Horngren

The best thing about the book is that it goes beyond the ambit of managerial accounting and delves deep into aspects like team management across various accounting departments.

This book has an array of examples followed by step-by-step explanations for problems of managerial accounting that’ll help you understand everything from the root. Buy it from – paperback or for Kindle.


  1. Fundamental Accounting Principles by John Wild

This excellent book is written by a professor who has a PhD from the University of Wisconsin. The book explains accounting principles relevant to managerial accounting in more straightforward terms and with examples. The focus is not only on managerial accounting principles. It also provides insights into advanced managerial accounting along with practical examples.


  1. Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making

Another great book by John J. Wild, this book can be used by professionals in the field of accounting and management. It is also an ideal book for those who do not have much elementary knowledge of accounting required for sound decision making. This book offers unique problem-solving techniques for business essays and helps you analyse situations better. It’s the ideal option for students pursuing a Bachelors or Masters in managerial accounting.


  1. Managerial Accounting (14th Ed.) by Ray Garrison

Another great work from Garrison, this book has sold over 8000 copies and have 500 reviews with five stars rating. The book covers vital areas in managerial and cost accounting. The author uses his years of experience in the practical field of accounting and as a faculty member for several business schools. The best thing about the book is that it has sets of questionnaires as managerial accounting homework to help you track your progress.  


  1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting (7th Edition)

Introduction to Managerial Accounting covers most of the critical managerial and cost accounting concepts and explains each of them using real-life cases and examples. This book has been a favourite among many students due to its well-written prose with a natural flow. Click the link below for the book. You can read this book to get a better understanding of all the concepts and learn how to practice them in real life.


Managerial accounting can become less of an ordeal when you are clear with all the fundamental concepts of the subject. So, if you want to get better at the subject, invest in these books and get ready for better grades. All the best!


Summary: Managerial accounting has its applications spread across a myriad of key functional areas within corporate organisations. If you want to master every skill, read this informative article for a list of the best six books.

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