Negatives to fixed-price transcriptions

Negatives to fixed-price transcriptions

Depending on the location of the transcriptionist/transcription company, there are several payment options to choose from, such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Payoneer, and Xoom. You also have the option to send Moneygram, wire transfers and checks. You can save yourself a lot by choosing a mutually agreeable method of payment.

Charging Models

There are many ways that transcription companies can charge you. These are the most popular, but not all. Below, we will examine the positives and negatives of each.

Fixed price

Fixed price transcription usually involves a combination of all the above methods. Normally, a customer will submit the audio to be transcribed and the transcription company will give a quote. The quote will only be valid for the work that was quoted. The company will consider the number of speakers, difficulty of the audio, quality of recording and turnaround time. When determining a standard transcription quote based on a fixed cost, it is important to consider these factors.

Fixed price transcription services have many positives

The transcription costs of the company’s audio transcription services are clearly displayed to you. There are no hidden fees for transcription. This is a great option for businesses with ongoing transcription contracts A lot of transcription companies offer editing services which can be used to create ready-to use documents. A transcription company may offer editing services that include checking for grammar, punctuation and sentence structure Legal Transcriptions Services. Fillers, false starts, slangs and other errors can also be checked. The text can be requested to be placed in contextual headings/sections. You can also request the transcript to convert into an information product, such as an ebook, blog post or workbook, handout, PowerPoint presentation etc.. Before placing an order, you can verify that the transcription company is able to deliver the work. Although you might be eligible for discounts if there is a lot of audios, it is rarely the case.

Negatives to fixed-price transcriptions

It is not a good choice for quick turnaround transcription work, as it takes time to reach the company offering the service and for them to respond with a quote. Some companies won’t respond to you even if they do contact you, which can lead to more wasted time. It can be very time-consuming to organize. This company usually has little or no automated services, so customer feedback can often be slow. Audio work is usually more expensive. You should verify the ability of transcription services to meet client needs.

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