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The NBA Dunk Contest (formally known as the ATT Slam Dunk Contest for sponsorship reasons) is a yearly National Basketball Association (NBA) rivalry held during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

The challenge was introduced by the American Basketball Association (ABA) at its All-Star Game in 1976 in Denver, that very year the sure thing was sanctioned in the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Because of the ABA–NBA consolidation soon thereafter there would not be another sure thing challenge at the expert level until 1984.

The challenge has received a few configurations throughout the long term, including, until 2014, the utilization of fan casting a ballot, by means of text-informing, to decide the champ of the last round.

The absolute first sure thing challenge was won by Larry Nance Sr. of the Phoenix Suns at the 1984 NBA All-Star Game.

The current hero of the NBA Dunk Contest is Anfernee Simons of the Portland Trail Blazers.


On January 27, 1976 at McNichols Sports Arena during halftime of the 1976 ABA All Star Game the first-since forever NBA Dunk Contest was held, which was won by Julius Erving of the New York Nets over David Thompson of the Denver Nuggets, Artis Gilmore of the Kentucky Colonels, and George Gervin and Larry Kenon of the San Antonio Spurs.

There was an organization every contender needed to continue in which they should endeavor 5 dunks in succession under two minutes.

One from a standing position, one from a distance of ten feet from the crate (which is essentially the lower part of the semi circle that encompasses the free toss line in the Key.

The following 3 were free-form positions, one rolling in from the left half of the bushel, one rolling in from the right half of the bin lastly from one or the other corner down the standard to the bin. They were decided on creative capacity, creative mind, and body stream just as fan reaction.

Artis Gilmore went first followed by George Gervin, Larry Kenon, David Thompson lastly Erving. George Gervin and David Thompson both missed a dunk during their schedules which was considered a zero (scores were not declared to the crowd). David Thompson did a 360 degree dunk to complete his daily practice.

All contenders needed to play out a dunk from 10 feet, yet Julius Erving began denoting his means from the free toss line (15 feet away). He then, at that point, finished a dunk from the free toss line.




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