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A great feature of an MSSP is that it should already be in partnership with some of the best technology and services available.

The right MSSP should improve business efficiency by saving you time, by utilising the right resources, and putting into action the services most appropriate for you. An MSSP can ensure that you are legally compliant, help mitigate threats, and reduce costly disaster repairs if attacked. But, most importantly, an MSSP will support your foundations, so that your business can keep on building and growing, without the constant worry that your security will cause its collapse, both from inside and from external threats.

When you are evaluating an MSSP ask to see their work, get them to show you how they raise tickets, the quality of the tickets, ask them for their monthly and weekly reports. You need to know what you are going to see, and what you are going to show management. Talk to them about escalation matrixes.

The Telecom industry keeps the world connected. From private communications to business interactions, it is an intrinsic part of our daily lives, and we take many elements for granted. Be it via the phone, across the internet, over airwaves or cables, this sector makes it possible to communicate in rapid time anywhere around the world.

From satellite companies, internet providers, telephone corporations, the infrastructure behind these organizations makes it feasible for all our videos, audio and text to be sent around the globe. Which aids development in practically every industry.

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