How to Turn Off Tumblr Safe Mode

There's no need to explore any further if you want to disable Tumblr Safe Mode or Tumblr Safe Mode off in 2021. Tumblr is a prominent social media platform where anyone may share their work. Tumblr also has NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content that is hard to come by elsewhere online. To avoid this type of stuff, Tumblr launched Safe Mode.

It will be turned on by default in your device. The following are the techniques for turning off Tumblr's Safe Mode on various devices.

The Safe Mode notice will appear after you browse the site and come across postings that redirect you to an NSFW blog.
Then “Go to my dashboard” button is located beneath that warning. Select it by clicking on it.
Then NSFW blog will appear on the right side of your dashboard.
To view this Tumblr, click the “View this Tumblr” icon.