Indonesian coal-Unique Procurement

The coal obtained from the mines of Indonesia is known to be one of the most refined quality coals, and that too is available in abundance there. This is confirmed by the fact that Indonesia provides about 40% of the world’s coal requirement. The Indonesian coal bears very high calorific values and belongs mainly to bituminous or sub-Bituminous coal. These categories of coals are known to possess low moisture and hence provide high return value on money.

This coal is also made to go through various cleaning processes, reducing the amount of dust and stones that are liable to be collected along with coals at the mines.

Benefits of Indonesian Coal:

Low Moisture Content: The high is the amount of moisture retained within coal, the lesser is the amount of heat it will produce, and less will be the return on the money you invested. However, Indonesian coal is known for providing more calories of heat when burned at a proper temperature and contains moisture of a minimal amount of 15-22%.

Clean coal: With its very low sulfur content and ashes, Indonesian coal is also known as clean coal. This is because these coals when burned, leave minimal residue behind, and the volatile matter released in the form of harmful gases is also low, causing less air pollution.

Affordable Price: Available in abundance in Indonesia, Indonesian coal is exported from the island to other countries at a very reasonable price. Due to this fact, Indonesia is also considered one of the largest coal producers and exporters. Furthermore, industries mostly prefer Indonesian coal due to its fine quality, which is available at a very compelling price compared to other coal.

Low Ash Content: The impurities in the coal that are not combustible are left as ashes when the coal is burnt and is of no value. These ashes also cause clinkering and slagging in the boilers and reduce their efficiencies. Luckily for you, Indonesian coals will give a minimal amount of residues after complete burning ensuring better utilization.

Available in classes of calorific value: Indonesian coal is categorized into four groups as per the calorific values. So, you have the choice to opt for the cheaper ones in case it fulfills your purpose.

Easy to transport: The shipping of Indonesian coal is easy because it has low ash content and hence possesses less wasteful weight. If you reside in India or China, you are in more luck as shipping to these countries from Indonesia is relatively fast and cheap and can be carried out with small ships. This is due to the geographical positions of these three.

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