Enforce a strong password policy

It used to be recommended that passwords were regularly changed, but this often led to compromises in other areas — so it’s more important that passwords are complex and long, and never reused.

Of course, they’re talking about physical and biological safety, in a changed world. But the implications of all of that for spacing and distancing, mean an urgent need to consider cyber-safety as well. It’s not only people who must be kept safe: personal data, intellectual property, and technology assets and devices, all face different (and in some cases new) threats.

With so much upheaval in the past year or so it’s easy to lose track of some of the important changes, and the way we use digital assets and data is just one thing which has been forever transformed. A lot of this might be invisible to the everyday user, but InfoSec professionals are having to address a lot of new worries, and figure out how to solve new challenges, to support a work-from-anywhere hybrid future.Make sure that remote or off-site users in particular are connecting securely, using VPNs, and encrypting their connections appropriately.

Manage access intelligently. Within the Ringover dashboard it is the work of a moment to activate new inbound and outbound numbers, for example to permit local presence in a new campaign. But you should review usage and deactivate services no longer required on a regular basis, to save on subscriptions as well as increasing security.

Manage usage by need: further to the above, consider each user account individually, and enable exactly what is needed and nothing more. If someone has no need to call a particular country, for example, lock it down — you can easily add services if that user’s needs change, and in the meanwhile they cannot be tricked into calling a scammer’s number there.

Monitor actively. Review your call logs and set alerts to ensure your usage remains within expected parameters. Sales people need to make a load of outbound calls, an administrator maybe fewer… So, something is amiss, if they are suddenly hitting up a series of premium rate mobile lines on the other side of the world.

However well you manage things internally though, the single best thing you can do to protect your VoIP phone system and other cybersecurity protection is to outsource as much as possible — to a respected and established international provider like Ringover.

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