What Is The Profit Of Fluorinated Solvent?

   On the raw material side, it is difficult to increase the price of fluorite; anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is frequently produced and ordered; the high price of methylene chloride maintains stability, and the cost pressure of Difluoromethane R-32 has not been relieved.
   Terminals, foreign trade, long-term export goods are mainly used; domestic trade, air-conditioning OEMs are not busy in the early peak season, and the current off-season is ahead of schedule. The refrigerant R32 is mainly purchased on demand.
   Refrigerant R32 manufacturers are affected by cost pressure and warehouse expansion risk, and there are more companies stopping for maintenance and load reduction.
   As of last week's close, the domestic mainstream manufacturers' quotations were around 1,2000-14,000 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction was delivered with reference to 11,500-13500 yuan/ton. Limin predicts that Fluorinated Solvent-R32 is more likely to go down in the market competition, but due to cost constraints, the decline is limited.