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It's not the ideal Madden. It is not the worst Madden. The sales figures of Mut 21 coins this past week and the review scores of past month make persuasive and equal instances, however. Madden NFL 21 is the lowest-rated match in series history; and Madden NFL 21's sales are up -- way up -- within the record-setting characters that publisher Electronics introduced last year.

Instead of that being the case of some trend beating another sin, or vice versa, I think that the truth is a narrative that both unite to tell: Madden NFL 21 is a piecemeal update lacking a superstar mode, and it sells like gangbusters because it pleases its lovers. Oh, sure, COVID-related buying might play a role -- multiple publishers have reported large sales tailwinds that they attribute, with good reason, to the quarantine lifestyle. But I can not see it as being the whole story when Madden, every year, is thrashed from the conventional wisdom, and when Madden, every August for the last 21 decades, has become the bestselling game of its month. You do not reach that stage year after year simply because you are the only marketplace option.

EA Sports UFC 4 started in precisely the same month. It had been the second-bestselling game of August. And we don't have the revenue numbers for NBA 2K21 yet, however, also, is taking a critical and community beating. The 60s it's dragging on Metacritic -- to the very same reasons Madden 21 is becoming torched -- are unprecedented, but it will not surprise me to see the NPD Group, which tracks sales of matches at the U.S., record NBA 2K21 first for September.

I believe like sports video games have gone beyond the tipping point where an iterative launch can provide its major modes of play with anything more than a fantastic streamlining. Whenever I examine these games, I find myself disappointed that Franchise in Madden or MyGM in NBA 2K doesn't have anything to recommend it, other than the usual polishing.

But when I'm going to criticize a match for what isn't inside, I better have a ready illustration of what ought to be there. I don't. Can you? Repairing trade logic or midseason player progression might be necessary, but these are pragmatic improvements. It is possible that developers have simply run out of large, new things to do with the heart game.

Part 1 will drop when some groups are eliminate from qualifying to its fucking playoffs. At that rate, we'll probably be fucking lucky if we get part 2 before the Super Bowl. If EA really gave a shit then they'd prioritize these fucking upgrades and get them out in a timely and buy Madden 21 coins reasonable fucking method. However, they don't fucking care in any way. This is too fucking small, too fucking late.


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