Just a quick poll.

The market is down because a lot of players have recently quit playing. This usually means that there is a lot of items like rocktails, sharks, ore, pubs, armour, etc. in the game and not enough people buying them, so the purchase price of the things mentioned are crashing. A good deal of armour has crashed because of RuneScape gold this, however they will eventually balance out.Remember this is for BXP (but the prices below are before applying the 2.7x bxp modifier), therefore people can afford to do marginally costly or difficult training methods. Remember people aren't perfect, so can't achieve maximum XP rates in high-concentration, click-intensive training procedures. My thoughts so far: Format is Skill - XP rate - possible training approaches | higher level xp rate - higher level training methods. Att/Def/Str - 100kxp/h - Slaying with pots+piety HP - 50kxp/h - Slay

I stopped smoking recently and told myself identification celebrate by squandering the money I did not waste on smoking on the wheel. I purchased $100 worth which gets you 450 spins. I wanted xp to get dung cause I despise mini games and dont even care for tokens, so I used every lamp I could on dung. After 450 spins that is what I got. Would be if I used on a higher skill. I used to 76 dung. Got into 79.5. You would have to figure out how far xp is between 76 and 79.5 to see just how much xp I obtained especially to dung. Moderate lamps were providing me about 7.5k each. A moderate lamp on a 99 is like 17k. So there would have been a considerable greater quantity of xp won if I might have used it on a higher leveled ability. (once you receive an item out of a set you can not get doubles) This also leads me to believe you've got a better prospect of getting items like devine and god swords if you get all the sets because they won't occupy space because prizes. Do I urge this? No. It will cost you approximately 1300-1600 for a 99. . Not worthwhile.

Just a quick poll. I know that the buying spins on the Yelp of Irritation annoys pretty much everyone who has been around, but do you think it will annoy players that are new? Or will they just see it as part of the match? It cheapens things for those of us who have been around, but do you think it will make it terrible for somebody who knows that's how things work from the beginning? Will skills sense cheapened, or can it only be seen as part of their standard gameplay? I am honestly wondering if for brand-new players, it matters whatsoever. Maybe it is an advantage for those who grinding can be removed every now and then to get a little additional money. Does that cheapen skills once things are evened out and everyone has spent their first cash?

It would be a huge advantage for me personally, I believe, to be perfectly truthful. This is probably a fairly miserable reference - however when I played with Neopets, every day I had a specific number of dailies. I did them every day for ages. I really still do a couple of these from time to time. Free stuff, that is a little bit exciting, and can give benefits, sells. I think you've raised an superb point, and it is one which I, for one, have overlooked by-and-large.

On the one hand, I think it's a roundabout method of letting people buy experience with Best OSRS Gold site real world munny. . .which isn't fair for the rest of us who've played and earned our levels the hard way. On the other hand, I'm convinced Jagex sees all the complaints here about"the mill" and so they THINK that giving off exp. Points in givaway competitions (like SoF) and pursuit benefits and allowing individuals level up without working for it's exactly what people want.