Traditional systems can be expensive to install

Although it may be more cost-effective in the long-run for medium-sized or large firms to install on-site telephone systems, hosted VoIP solutions are often the most suitable options for small companies. This is because you need minimal equipment and only require enough system licences to ensure that everyone in your company has telephone access. You won’t need to pay out for a multi-user onsite system that you’re unlikely to use to its full capacity.

Choosing a VoIP telephone service doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with limited access to phones as your business grows, however. In fact, one of the main advantages of VoIP systems is that they are scalable, making them ideal for start-ups.

As your business expands and you take on more staff, all you need to do is to buy additional handsets and VoIP licences. You can therefore increase capacity gradually and manage your costs effectively.

Many businesses now employ staff in more than one location, and remote working is becoming more and more popular. Enabling remote workers to access on-site telephone systems can be costly and time-consuming, while setting up traditional systems in multiple locations would be even more expensive.

If you opt for one of the hosted VoIP solutions on the market, however, your staff members’ physical location won’t matter, as the service is provided over the Internet. You can simply buy licences to cover every worker and provide each staff member with a handset.

Last on our list of advantages of VoIP systems, but certainly not least, is that they are usually easy to maintain. You won’t have much in the way of physical equipment on-site, so there’s less to go wrong. Therefore, you probably won’t need to spend as much on engineers’ charges and replacement equipment as you would with a traditional system.

Traditional On-Site Telephone Systems
If you choose a traditional on-site system, such as Avaya IP Office, you’ll need to have a physical telephone system installed at your company's premises which can either be bought outright or leased from a business telephone system provider.

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