NBA 2K21: PS5's DualSense will simulate player fatigue

NBA 2K games have undoubtedly come a long way. 2K's next-generation Gameplay sideline report #2 recently revealed how PlayStation 5's DualSense controller will simulate player fatigue in NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K game director Mike Wang wrote: "For adaptive triggers, we chose to use NBA 2K21 MT to deliver energy. As you move around on the court, as players consume energy, you will be in Sprint More and more resistance is felt on the trigger. We also use adaptive resistance in later games."

Attributes affect the resistance of PlayStation 5's adaptive triggers. Using larger players, such as the main Shaquille O'Neal, will not cause you L2 trouble. However, if you choose to use Rajon Rondo, you will find yourself having to work harder.

Wang also wrote articles on how dribbling will be more accurate. This prevents problems such as the player making unnecessary turns or movements. Others say that the player’s speed will reflect real life more realistically, which means “big guys [will] move like big guys, and defenders [will] move like guards.”

According to the report, the accidental sliding of the player model in NBA 2K21 will be improved: "Now, players can take procedural steps without having to slide their feet when fine-tuning is required." This may make it easier to take more skillful moves. achieve. Maybe this means there will be no more accidental mistakes... or excuses?

In early June of this year, the PlayStation 5 "Reveal Event" showed Zion Williams, who was sweating, practicing on an empty court. The trailer The trailer focuses on sweating to show the graphic effects of NBA 2K21.

Buy MT can improved graphics, and it looks like the 2k game is approaching (and to some extent feels) like a real basketball game.

What do you think of sports games becoming more realistic? In NBA 2K21, which new feature excites you the most? Let us know in the comments!