That time down the OSRS gold

The game has so much content, tons of fun places, replayable distractions diversions along with minigames, and the benefits keep me coming back. I play for 2-3 months per year and actually progress in that time down the OSRS gold areas I want to improve, and unlock a wonderful amount of content in that time.

Analytics should have figured the extra players and familiarity brought in by going to Steam would more than offset the reduction from Valve's cut, after a particular point .

Mtx sold through Steam is less cash for Jagex after Steams cut. Reading that RuneScape will Steam really sounds like a meme to me.

I can't whole heatedly agree with this. The Jagex back then killed that match with an obscene amount of microtransactions and just general bad choices. We were all forced to stop, and later start over. If we want to voice our views on a shitty pay-to-win match, you can not stop us, and you are going to have to be more convincing if you want to talk us out of it

In case you have legitimate gripes about it and genuinely think that it's a poor game, go on and leave a negative review--but make sure to really REVIEW it and explain WHY you think that way.

Steam could be the thing that keeps RS3 residing for the ones that enjoy it, and there are a lot of people out there who like RS3. Review bombing it is merely dumb, without RS3 we wouldn't have OSRS now and without RS3 in the future OSRS would call for improved revenue which would bring MTX into the fore.

RS3 still actually makes more money than OSRS. Without RS3 Jagex loses a lot of revenue and has to make it up somewhere or it just collapses.

Then you're like me, and we'll ignore it like we have been ignoring RS3 for ages. No need to flame the game if Jagex gave us what we wanted, which was OSRS.

That's the whole point of consumer reviews, to let prospective players know that the second an alternative popped up, you jumped ship because the product is garbage. Review bombing is awful, but is avoiding some negative reviews.

MMOs are ever-changing beasts rather than playing for a year or two can really put you out of this loop. In addition to the fact that, there were always alternatives to rs3. If you adore OSRS and needed to wait for it to come outside to leave Buy Rs gold, then you probably enjoy rs3 also, even if you hate some aspects of it. Simply leave it alone. Leave the warnings to people who currently play with it.

I really don't think he is saying to not leave valid criticism. He is asking people who play osrs exclusively (I quit runescape years back and did not come back before osrs published on mobile so I never played rs3) not to fire the review board just because it is a popular to hate on RS3.