Breaking Free of the Traditional Essay Plan

Essays can take anywhere from a day to a couple of months to complete. Writing essays throughout your academic years, you will find yourself straying away from the traditional writing process to one more suited to yourself. You realize that most of the write my essay is not writing but rewriting. Only through this realization can you manage to turn in high-grade essays. Others, however, stuck in the linear essay process end up turning in essays that lack in every department.

You will find the latter asking their peers: “help me write my essay.” When in fact they actually need help in fashioning their essay writing process.

The Traditional Essay Process

The traditional essay process is a linear process that each student is expected to follow religiously from early on. It follows the four write my essay for me writing steps:

  1. Pre-writing: This is the process of understanding the essay prompt followed by brainstorming and researching on the subject matter.
  2. Writing: The actual writing where you put your plan to work, and your words onto ‘paper’.
  3. Revising: This involves improving the content and its rhetoric, by adding, cutting, and reordering the writing.
  4. Editing: Here the focus on the sentence structure and the errors in the style, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Through religiously following the traditional process in sequence most of the students complete their essays. In earlier grades, the adherence to this process doesn’t cause much harm, Only when they move into higher grades and take on more advanced essays, do their essay troubles surface. Many find it is hard to break out of this habit and their troubles continue. 

There are two problems associated with the traditional essay writing process:

It is linear: You don’t move onto the next step till you have completed the current step completely. This doesn’t allow for a creative flow of ideas by blocking off skipping between steps as new ideas arise.

It allots the same time for every step: You will end up spending the same time on each of the steps despite some requiring more time than paper writing service online.

The Non-Traditional Model

The non-traditional model breaks away from the traditional fold and does away with the linearity.

Experienced writers realize that each step in the writing process doesn’t weigh equally. Instead of allotting the same time for each of the steps usually, the essay process time allotment works roughly like this:

  • Prewriting: 20% 
  • Writing: 15%
  • Revising: 55%
  • Editing: 15%

Moreover, the focus will be on creating the first draft. Unlike the traditional essay where you tend to make sure you get it right the first time. Your essay will get better with each draft made after the revision. The iterative process will continue until you are sure that you have put down every idea and information into the custom essay writer.

The non-traditional process realizes that most of the holes and gaps in information and ideas are not apparent until you write your first draft. This way you can always go back and expand on your research as you go on. If you come up with a new idea or a new subtopic to follow in the essay during the drafting process, you can always brainstorm the idea separately and add it to the essay. 

This method also allows you just enough time to edit your essay. You are always only a step away from the editing process, so you can easily round up your essay to get to the editing process. By the time you would have reached this editing part, you would have gone back and forth between the writing steps countless times.

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