Tips to Help You Get Started with Your Essay

For some people, it is hard to get started with their essay process. They are always stuck in the planning process and cannot get themselves to start working on write my essay. Delaying the start to the next day and the next, they end up panic-writing when the deadline looms closer and closer. 

Such students always end up asking others: ‘Help me write my essay.’ With help or no help, the end product is always a bad essay or in some cases no essay at all.

The student who is delaying the start of an essay, out of procrastination, due to a writer’s block, or any other reason, needs to get the problem fixed. If the problem persists it will affect his/her final grades as essays carry a lot of weightage in your overall grades. 

Here are some tips that you might find helpful to get out of this write essay for me.

Edit your earlier works 

A good way to get your writing muscles warmed up and shed the rust is by editing previous work. No matter how perfect your work you will always find something to improve. One change leads to another and in no time you are hooked into re-writing and eventually writing the text.

Freewrite your way into writing

Freewriting is an effective way to remove the writing fetters. There are many ways to write my paper, and it is a technique that some do for brainstorming for ideas. Freewriting is a practice where you pick a pen and paper, or ready your fingers just above your keyboard/pad and start writing whatever that comes to your mind. If you are really stuck then I imagine your first lines would go (this version is a brushed up version of my actual freewriting) :

“They said this will work, but what if it doesn’t, man I am using a lot of commas. There is a full stop, wait I was telling myself this will work. Wow, lots of commas. Oh no, that was a full stop. How is this working? This is not. Or maybe it is. Okay back to writing this is freewriting, what a waste of time. I am going to end this after a.. okay no, don’t look at the time to keep writing…”

Write the roughest of draft

Many will tell you not to wait for the perfect sentences or thought patterns and get to the end of the first draft. Has the tip worked? No, it hasn’t.

What you need is the roughest of the drafts. Take it up to yourself to pay someone to write my paper that looks and reads more like a medical prescription. 

Voila, you have written your first draft. And It is a draft, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Read into the topic without a purpose

Most of the research can be daunting. And you can’t find yourself hooked onto any idea or information that would make you willing to write about the subject. It is therefore helpful at times to read into the topic randomly, skipping between sources, and medium. 

By the end of the process, you will not only come up with many interesting things to say but you will be done with a portion of your reading.

Work with a friend

There is not a better motivator out there then a blunt and stubborn friend, who will force you out of your transition words and phrases, ignore your pleas, scoff at the term ‘writer’s block’, and make you write your first sentence in a long while.

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