Crafting the Perfect Thesis Statement for Your Essays

The thesis statement is one of the most important parts of your essay. The reader wants to know how to write my essay will answer the prompt. They find out through the thesis statement how the answer will be presented and why the writer thinks that the answer is needed. Each of the claims, ideas, and every single content of the essay is connected or to the thesis statement. It is the anchor for the essay. 

The thesis statement governs your whole essay and therefore, it’s important for the essay writer to write the perfect thesis. And to write one, one has to know what the thesis statement is, what its role is, and how to construct the statement. 

The working of the essay

The essay is made up of important parts that fit into its paper writing service. The essay machine works smoothly when all the parts work together. The introduction plays the role of introducing the subject but also it helps convince the reader to pay attention to the essay. Reading the introduction, the readers want to know explicitly what the essay is going to be about and if it is relevant to the essay question.

A thesis statement to answer these questions and concerns is thus necessitated. The statement usually is placed at the end of the introduction so that the reader can head into the main body with a clear picture in the mind.

Crafting the thesis statement

To craft the thesis statement you should first know how to understand the essay prompt. Misconstruing the essay question will make your essay askew: it will not answer the essay question or answer the wrong essay question. 

To write the correct thesis about the correct prompt, it is important that you understand the task work for the essay writer. The task word indicates what type of essay you are going to write and what type of academic writing you are going to write in. 

Task words for an essay requiring critical writing may use words such as evaluate and critically analyze. While those that require expository analytical writing might use words such as compare, differentiate, etc.

Parts of the thesis statement

For shorter essays, the thesis statement will also have with it the thesis outline, while in longer essays the thesis outline takes its own paragraph. The parts of the thesis statement are:

  • The subject matter(narrowed down) that is discussed in the essay and the prompt.
  • The opinion or the claim of the writer. The reason should be narrowed too, as the reader should know what the central argument for the essay will be. 
  • The thesis outline or the blueprint for supporting your opinion about the subject should also be present. This helps the reader head into the body paragraph with the main topics in mind.


The thesis statement shouldn’t be more than two to three sentences. It should be written with the prompt in mind so that the reader can find an answer to the question they came to explore. It should also shed some light on why you have a certain claim or opinion 

You should also make sure that the wording of the thesis statement is not abstruse or vague, as it will make the essay lose its authority.

You should try your best to avoid generic statements for your essays such as ‘through the essay, I will demonstrate’, ‘pay for essay’ etc. 

In addition to telling the readers what you are going to argue for or present your opinions about, you should also communicate what the essay is going to accomplish.

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