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This blog is about Fast-tracked Essay Writing at Time of Need

The workload in schools and colleges can be overwhelming at times. You have a lot of deadlines to meet, course material to catch up on, and to complete write my essay. During such time you either tend to miss out on starting your important academic essay that is due in a couple of days. At times you might even forget all about the essay and remember it at the last time. Many find themselves asking their peers and give up when they can’t find any help.

If you are determined enough you will still end up submitting the essay in a short span of time. However, the quality of the essay will be quite low and the lack of effort and hasty writing will be visible to your instructor.

A way around to your problem is the fast-tracked essay writing method.

Understand the prompt

There is no way around this step. If you get this wrong you will get your whole essay wrong and all your effort will go in vain. 

Dissect the essay prompt into the task word, the subject matter, and the limiting parameters. 

The task word will tell you what type of academic writing you are expected to produce in your essay writing service, e.g. words such as evaluate and synthesizing means you are going to write a critical analysis. While words such as define and explain will mean you will be using descriptive writing.

The subject matter will be easily discernible in the prompt, and more so by the limiting parameters that limit the subject to time, category, place, etc.

Research first

To do the research for this part, you won’t dive into the academic articles but you will make notes from an encyclopedia entry for your topic. These specialized encyclopedias are denser than normal articles and their content is more advanced. From here you will gather the salient points for the essay.

Mind mapping

With the research notes and knowledge about the topic, you should hot it down into a mindmap. The topic is to be placed in the middle and the contents, starting from the main points and claims, should fan outwards, followed by secondary ones, and so on to do my paper

Note down everything that you can come up with and make a dense mind map.

Rough outline

The outline should be a from the mindmap alone, assisted by notes from your research. 

The outline should have a thesis statement and topic sentences for each of the paragraphs. The evidence and the examples should also be hinted at in the outline.

First draft

Using the outline you will write your first draft. With the thesis statement, claims, and the evidence available you will just have to note down your analysis and evaluations in the essay. 

Don’t waste much time glossing your sentences and words.

Research and fill holes

It is not until you start writing that you find the holes in your essay and you write my paper for me. Focus only on these blanks and try to fill them with focus research. 

You can also work on your evidence and examples during the part.

Revise and proofread

After subsequent drafts, you will reach the end of the writing process. It will then be time to revise and proofread for errors in writing and those in essay structure.

You probably won’t have time to take a break between the writing and revising to allow for words to minutes. So make the most of your limited time.


Submit before the deadline!

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