“Path of Exile” annoyed fans by hiding, not hacking

Last weekend, the latest season of Path of Exile began with POE: Heist. The concept of the league is exciting on paper: just like in a heist movie, we formed a team of NPC experts and robbed a very secure facility to get a lot of POE Currency. But in fact, Heist failed among many fans.

The same situation will occur with every new expansion. Fans are eagerly looking forward to the new season, but since the beginning of the league, I disappoint many fans because of errors or absurd game mechanics. Half of the people think the criticism is reasonable, and the other half are annoyed by complaints. In POE: Heist, we have now reached the second item on this list, because this version again has many problems. In the beginning, there were multiple crashes in the new areas of Rogue Harbor and Heists, which meant that many players could not really try the new mechanics-with the fix, most people were eliminated on Sunday.

However, there are many other bugs that ensure that you can’t advance to the last treasure chest in a robber: NPC assistants who need to open the door are usually attacked by the mob through the wall-this will stop the opening animation and make it impossible to move forward. Obviously, these errors will be resolved soon. So far, Grinding Gear Games has fixed the most serious game errors within a few days. However, implementing the concept of heist has caused a lot of discussion at present, and it cannot resolve this problem in the short term.

The problem with the heist: The system you broke into here has a lot of boxes with loot. Once you open them, the alert level will rise. Killing the guards in the area also increased this indicator. It triggers if the alarm, no more boxes can be opened, you must quickly reach the final loot room and secure the required mission items, otherwise, the heist is considered a failure. In most cases, you cannot get rid of your opponents, so you must kill them or avoid them directly. Many times, players want to strengthen themselves through alliances, but they don’t know how it works.

KcoolClap: “In a game that aims to kill many enemies through full-screen AOE attacks, they really think to increase stealth gameplay and punish monsters for killing. Excellent game designers keep working hard.”

Albert2006xp: “I don’t know how they can do better than the garden, I just hate heist. After several robbery contracts, the feeling I returned to the map is: “Holy Paradise”, this is a good gameplay.

However, not all players limit themselves to complaining. For example, Reddit user Ristle has provided many suggestions for improvement. For example, POE Items allows you to rise in level when fighting against your opponents, but not when they are killed.