NBA 2K21 Playoff Stoppers packs contain powerful player cards that can reinforce the self-built lineup

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The new Playoff Stoppers packs in NBA 2K21 bring players a new batch of MyTeam cards. With these, players can select the top diamond players to add to their self-built lineup. The Playoff Stoppers is the first batch of five cards. Players can collect all the cards issued for each card to get some NBA 2K21 MT and special rewards.

There will be many powerful players in this suit. Former Pistons center Ben Wallace, with a total score of 93, deserves the top spot. As everyone knows, he made significant contributions to the Pistons in the 2004 championship. With 94 rebounds, 87 defensive ability and 82 athletic ability, he can act as a solid guard of the penalty area.

Followed by the combo guard Dennis Johnson and the amethyst version of the swingman Doug Christie. The last five new cards are Tony Allen, who played for the Trail Blazers’ historical legend Bill Walton with a total score of 89 and a total score of 88. Wharton has 82 points on the inside and 89 rebounds, while Allen has 85 defense and 83 athleticism.

Since it is too early, there are not any Pink Diamond or Galaxy Opal versions in the 2K21 package, but they will launch. We have seen Diamond items released for Hakeem Olajuwon and Larry Bird through the Season Tip-Off bag before. However, there are some rewards, such as 96 OVR Steph Curry reaching level 40, and 96 OVR Paul Pierce from MyTeam Limited.

The new Playoff Stoppers packs include 5 NBA 2K21 MyTeam cards, with a unit price of 10,500 MT. In addition, MyTeam auction house can bid and buy personal cards. 2K said the One Will Rise playoff package marks the first of five releases in the One Will Rise season. There are also pre-season promotion packages for the east or west and standard league packages for players to choose from. Those who want these players can Buy NBA 2K21 MT at GameMS, which is very cost-effective.


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