How do level 2 jade necklace ornaments get high profits?

In Old School Runescape, in addition to winning the game to win rewards, we can also earn extra money to improve our economic conditions. Generally speaking, the price of jade necklace ornaments will fluctuate, so how to make the difference?

Requirements-magic (27 levels) enchant spells (2 levels), air runes (3 per enchantment)/air runes, cosmic runes (1 per enchantment), some initial investment. You will fascinate the jade necklace you bought on Grand Exchange and sell its high-value OSRS GP for profit.

Before that, you must check the difference between the purchase price of the emerald necklace and the selling price of the ice crystal necklace (enchanted necklace) to determine the potential profit. The items required for enchanting are specified in the "Requirements" section, and the price of these items should be considered when calculating the profit rate, including the purchase price of the emerald necklace + the cost of enchanting.

If the profit is high enough, you can continue to buy jade necklaces. These necklaces are made by players in large quantities because they are cheap and therefore a good source of technical experience. Therefore, it is recommended that you place a large order for them. Now that you have bought a lot of jade necklaces, you should start to be fascinated and resell them.

Potential profit-If you can get 1,000 bonuses per hour, and the profit is 200, you will earn 200,000 gold/hour. As the profit rate increases and the number of enchanted necklaces per hour, this number will greatly increase. When there are many necklaces available on the big exchanges and the margin is close to 300, you can earn about 400,000 gold per hour.

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