NBA 2K21 MyTEAM: New restricted mode will have an impact on auction houses

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The new model of MyTEAM franchise may have a huge impact on the market! 2K Week activities are in full swing, and the release date is getting closer! You will be able to start using the new game on September 4th (Friday). But how will the new restricted model be formed? How will it affect NBA 2K21 auction houses? Is Buy 2K MT a wise investment?

Restriction is a new mode in MyTEAM that will put players under strict restrictions every weekend. It looks like a 2K version of EA's most popular "weekend league" format, used in the FIFA franchise, as players compete for the championship ring, which can later be exchanged for top prizes. But with the update of a series of other modes, especially the Unlimited 2.0 update, people believe that this may be a more casual mode for 2K enthusiasts.

Major changes in the auction house
The rules in the restriction mean that every week players will be required to meet a specific set of requirements within their team. Players in one week may be required to use only silver cards, and players over 30 years old may be required in another week. There are almost no restrictions on asking you. This means that auction houses are likely to see some considerable changes. It may be a case of luck, but if you understand this, you have the opportunity to make some money through trading.

Invest wisely
Whether the squad sets a limit has not been confirmed, but we guess it will appear on the first day of the weekend. Players will not be able to plan their teams ahead of time, meaning that prices will rise sharply on the first day of the game, and players will scramble to participate in the game. With wise investment, you may be able to take advantage of volatile markets. If you know that there is no limit to the quality of players in two or three weeks, it may be worth investing in some lower quality NBA 2K21 MT , and hope it will appear next weekend.

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