We get a tele

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We get a tele. Lock it behind a construction or pursuit requirement I don't mind. We begin developing PoH fixtures that are useful that are real but instead of RuneScape gold collect materials - click - complete. Each piece of furniture functions as the rework in which you need to concentrate, spend time once it is eventually completed by you, constructing this new shiny piece of furniture with a xp drop. You can place it out so there are 3-4 distinct houses you could wind up with from the time you get to 99 without having to repeat any builds if that's the route you want to return. You could build a skillers home or a PvM hub or a cool hangout zone. Perhaps a trophy cabinet.

Or content like a portal site necessary to access a new slayer monster/quest. I love it when they release content which has a large periodic xp drop like anachronia agility program, soul runecrafting or arch. Even better if by the end of the construction ability you truly have something significant and tangible your account will be helped by that out instead of the rubble from prawnbrokers. War's Retreat must happen to be a POH upgrade change my thoughts. Everyone would be teleporting to their POH to their instanced boss area from their boss room that is instanced. At least War's you get to see players and there is generally people chillin' out and talking.

That's alright Should they make it 120. However they will need to add to the skill to make it worthwhile. Perhaps a Player-Owned Village (PoV). A PoV would maintain very similar XP levels for each item currently in Runescape match, so it isn't like they have to do a whole rework of the skill, as you will be building the exact same thing in multiple homes, instead of add/remove/add/remove the same thing, in the exact same place, 100s of occasions.

As a PoV would want residents, you can make building have some payout, as you act as the landlord to every home in town; you get more money for how nicely furnished the homes are, and the residents would have more troubles which would lower your rent; e.g. busted pipe, damaged roof, etc.. Can Jagex add something similar to this? Who knows. Maybe. But I would not hold out for it, as it is a huge change, and using a building training method that isn't an item/gold sink, might not be anything they would like to add. Since I have not been a fan of OSRS buy gold their 120 content for any of the skills so far I talk in disbelief.


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