While learning and exploring online business I came across to websites those who are paying and that is a very wonderful program. This is my shortlisted, tested 100% legit and Paying programs.


MINY provides varying computational power to meet the mining needs of everyone. Besides, the platform guides users to build wealth and attain financial freedom. MINY presents you with an extremely simple, easy, and accessible method of earning passive income. Participating in the mining pools of this cryptocurrency mining platform can offer returns of between 10% and 19% monthly depending on the balance retained in your mining pool. All this is integrated with a simple multi-currency Miny Wallet, in where you can manage and earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Miny Tokens.

Miny.cc is a powerfully Company. This website is amazing and very easy to use if someone is a beginner can work without any problems. The support team is always easy for contact and very friendly to assist. I saw their White paper and went through it. It looks to be a promising Project for those who are interested in Cloud Mining Like Me.

Until now, it is the best cloud mining I foud. after two months of using it, it's getting better and better. You can make one of the fastest withdrawals on the entire internet. Here is my first withdrawal - 

To make mining a profitable venture for everyone, as such, access to machines with increased computational power should be a priority. Cloud computing solves this problem by offering everyone access to machines that identify hashes to transactions a lot faster. MINY is a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency mining company a platform that allows anyone from any corner of the world to earn through mining such as -

POOL MINING - Pool mining refers to sharing computational power to increase the chances of verifying transactions in the blockchain.

CLOUD MINING - Through cloud mining, you lease computational power and can mine BTC without the need to own hardware.

MINY CLOUD MINING POOL -  It uses computational power to join mining pools to increase the chances of profitability. Then share the profits with users.

MINY AI - Miny has incorporated Artificial Intelligence into its operations to make mining even more profitable. It can now calculate the probabilities of cryptocurrency values using this AI algorithm.



The Miny platform has developed a native token, MINY, which is a self-established cryptocurrency. This coin is not your average cryptocurrency. The platform distributes these commissions as well as the mining rewards in MINY Tokens. And, because of the token’s artificial scarcity, your earnings get to increase in value. Miny will release up to 50 Million Miny Tokens with an offer price of $1. The developers have evaluated the marketing strategy and determined the current and possible future market conditions. Based on these conditions, and guided by a mathematical formula, the price of each Miny token will range between $8.50 and $15 12 months after the offer period closes. 


15% for 1-14 Days 10% for 15-28 Days 5% from 29 Days 15 The Miny platform presents three 3 different investment categories. Each of these offers a different rate of returns. The percentage return depends on the amount that the user holds as his or her mining pool balance.

Miny platform offers its users with multiple revenue streams. The Multilevel Affiliate Program allows you to earn commissions not only on your direct referrals but also up to the 20th line in your network. As such, you can earn on the Miny platform not only by leasing computational power but also by promoting the platform’s novel mining idea among your networks. And, it is easy to invite prospective users. When you create an account on the platform, a referral link that is unique to you will be generated as well. You are free to share this link within your network. Whoever joins through the same becomes part of your team permanently. You will earn daily commissions from this network of referrals. Your commissions will be commensurate with the balance amount that your downline holds in the mining pool. As you grow your network, you can unlock more lines by solving the quests of the Miny platform’s Level System.

Line 1 - 100% of referrals mining rewards.

Line 2 - 10% of referrals mining rewards.

Line 3 -  5% of referrals mining rewards.

Line 4 - 20 - 1% of referrals mining rewards.

The Miny App

The development team is currently working on the development of the Miny App. This app will be available for IOS and Android devices in the future. With the Miny App we want to simplify the use of our service, so that you can view all information about your profile with little effort and in a few steps.

The app will initially be available as a beta app where you can view information such as your investments, profits, commissions and so on. Later on, you can also manage your investments and the like directly through the app.

Look forward to one of the most user-friendly investment apps worldwide!

Weekly Price Update | 10 August to 16 August

The calendar week 33 has ended, so the next price update for the Miny Token is here. After surpassing the value of $1.50, the token keeps rising constantly! This calendar week the token price has increased by 3.40% to over $1.52. Today the token is now worth $1.53.

With a starting price of $1 the Miny Token has increased by over 53%!

The price will continue to rise due to the artificial scarcity Miny has put into the token.

Join us and become a member of Miny.cc. Now! - https://miny.cc/auth/register?ref=3e8889oq5owv