How To Deal With Mold In Armchair Molds


We are a professional mould manufacturer, among which Armchair Mould is one of our products.
The mold of the armchair cannot avoid the mold problem, let's take a look at how to solve it.
Mold occurs on fabrics such as upholstered furniture, which are continuously kept in a humid, dark environment. This can also happen if the upholstered parts of furniture (such as sofa cushions) are stored in plastic when they are wet: plastic does not allow the fabric to breathe or ventilate. Getting rid of mold requires several measures to eliminate the mold and accumulated moisture that cause mold problems. The more venting after removing the mold, the less musty the interior decoration smells after cleaning.
Bring the furniture outside on dry, non-humid days. If you cannot move the entire furniture outdoors, please take cushions, pillows, or any movable items outside. Cleaning the interior decoration outdoors helps prevent mold spreading in the indoor air.
Use a dry brush or broom to remove all visible mold or discolored spots in the room. When wearing a dust mask, give the entire fabric good paintability to avoid inhalation of mold spores. If you want to clean indoors, place the furniture on newspapers to remove all powdery residue. Then carefully discard the paper.
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