Production Process Of Cupric Oxide Powder

Cupric Oxide Powder production process: The vanadium-zinc ore used in this project contains about 516% of V2O.

    Cupric Oxide Powder production process: The vanadium-zinc ore used in this project contains about 516% of V2O. It runs 24 hours during production, 6 hours per batch, 4 batches per day, and the input of 2t vanadium-zinc ore per batch, 300 days a year Run. The following procedures are calculated according to the raw materials of each batch of 2t vanadium zinc ore. The vanadium-zinc ore is ground by adding water wet method, and the ground ore is injected with 98% sulfuric acid in the reaction tank, and the injection amount of sulfuric acid accounts for 30% of the ore amount, that is, each batch of sulfuric acid is injected 0.6t, and the reaction tank is injected first Water (can be added by washing and filtering water), sulfuric acid is injected under the water surface mixture through a pipe to form dilute sulfuric acid for leaching, which reduces the generation of acid mist, the reaction process is 2h, and the reaction controls the pH at 1.5-2.
    After the reaction, the slag is washed. The steam condensate is used for washing. The amount of washing water is 8t. After the washing water is filtered, 1.5t of slag (mainly containing SiO2 and a small amount of V2O5) is produced. It is intended to be sold. After filtering, the precipitated water mainly contains SiO2. In the reaction tank; after the reaction, about 0.36t of ammonium sulfate was added for the first precipitation of vanadium. After precipitation, the mother liquor was filtered. About 8t, the mother liquor contained 12% Zn. The pH was adjusted to 7 by adding ammonium sulfate. After filtration, crude zinc carbonate was obtained. About 0.26t; the mother liquor is concentrated and crystallized again to obtain ammonium sulfate, about 11t, this part of ammonium sulfate is sold as a by-product; after the vanadium is filtered, the liquid alkali is added for alkali dissolution, and after filtering again, 0.1t of iron slag is generated, and the iron slag is collected Sale; after alkaline solution filtration, add 0.1t sulfuric acid to adjust the pH to neutral to remove impurities, mainly containing impurities such as Si, Zn, etc. about 0.02t, add 5t ammonium sulfate for vanadium precipitation, centrifugal separation after vanadium precipitation to obtain the main product partial vanadium Ammonium acid, about 1.56t.

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