Brings The Moon To Earth

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a simulation of the real world, but it surpasses the real world. Do you want to live on the moon? Do you want to know what the garden on the moon looks like? Let's take a look at the creativity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players!

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has taken the Moon with their island by creating their particular lunar rock garden. Fans of the 2020 Nintendo Switch title aren't any strangers to innovative and exciting design choices, with gamers creating anything from schools to seafood restaurants within Animal Crossing. Of course, this will require a lot of Animal Crossing Bells.

The game includes many circumstances to collect and catalog, which has a series of space-focused items available as DIY Recipes through the aptly-named owl, Celeste. While these typically staple decorations for a lot of islands, one AC gamer, and Redditor took the lunar theme a stride further, sharing a review of a lunar rock garden they'd created using the game. Made by Reddit user DerWasserspeier and shared via Imgur, it features custom pathways built to resemble the surface from the Moon, along with strategically- placed stones in preference to Moon rocks. Other features range from the Rocket, the Satellite, as well as the Lunar Rover items, which are all made out of Star Fragments. The design of such items is breathtaking.

Animal Crossing's Star Fragments are a component used in several recipes distributed by Celeste. Star Fragments are obtained when players wish upon a shooting star. After achieving this, gamers will get various types of Fragments on the beaches, including Large Star Fragments and ones in line with the different star signs. Gathering Star Fragments could be tricky, as shooting stars don't happen every evening. Meteor Showers, which happen to be announced by Isabelle when logging into the action, will raise the spawn rates of shooting stars, but Meteor Showers are fairly rare.

Along together with the various items and recipes that players can access generally game, additional content may be unlocked with amiibo cards. Earlier this year Nintendo released Animal Crossing and Hello Kitty amiibo cards, which might be purchased in order to get into a range of Sanrio -inspired AC goodies. The $6 cards unlock items including furniture, outfits, and decorations while inviting special villagers to participate in the island. It's not clear whether Nintendo will collaborate with franchises for future amiibo cards. But don't worry, after all, you can still Buy ACNH Bells. There is always time to create the island in the heart.