How to unlock Panda Heights in Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens DLC

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As with other secret levels, you are looking for secret scrolls to unlock new levels. Perform this level normally until you reach the part where the goal is changed to "Cross Canyon". It is correct to endure ambush. When taking an adventure here, you will eventually find a branch path.

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Go to the one far away from the target, you will find a creeper statue, after the investigation will send you a bunch of creeper statues. Continue along this road until you reach the end of the cave entrance. If you meet the "survivor's hand", then you are on the wrong path.

Please note that it may not be generated when first used. To enter our entrance, we must play the level a few times, so if you cannot see the entrance and you have explored all the different ways of accessing, please complete or exit the level and reload. When the path of the creeper statue is south, all we get is a box at the end, and when it moves north, it is where we find the entrance.

After entering the new passage, you will enter an area full of lava. There are three buttons in front of the panda statue, very close to each other. Activate all three buttons and you will be ambushed by several waves of enemies. Once you beat every wave of making money, you will be very clear. You will have a branch path to the south, and finally the secret scroll you need. Pick it up and the Panda Plateau will be unlocked.

Now that you have unlocked the Panda Plateau, you will have the opportunity to find some brand new items there. There are a new whip weapon and damaged seed artifacts, both of which can be found at the secret level. Go to and you can Buy Animal Crossing Bells and other products.

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