Sea of Thieves is getting custom servers in future

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Rare published a post on their Sea of Thieves development blog announced that the game will soon test the private server features, which have long requested by fans. While the exact date of the public to the private server has not be set, the developer announced it would test the water with a closed Alpha for a small audience in the core game players base.Sea Thieves initial release met with critical reviews of mediocre and warm take of early adopters, but the title has since found that the sea leg thanks to the flow of updated content and quality-of-life tweaks which has attracted more than 10 million total players.

In the guise of their inception, however, the custom server will only be available for the creators and community groups and in the form of relatively limited. The purpose of the Alpha phase beginning, explaining Rare, is to provide select partners with a way to "use the sandbox us to create unique experiences for their communities" and will offer quick access to custom server, the ability to run custom events, and ways to invite members community to take part. If you need Buy SOT Ancient Coins, you can visit our site

Custom server intended to solve the problem. Now, Rare will work with established creators and groups in society Marine thief to collect feedback and data. Because "custom server costs money to run," the original test will start small, and features may eventually be a paid feature in the store in-game that anyone can buy. Alpha will help determine what features a player might want from this end server selection.

Why Alpha launches custom server for such a limited audience, Neate said that by way of a bare-bones set of features today, Rare desire to learn how to work with a smaller community before taking it to a wider audience. He also said that because this server cost to run, start small, "it makes sense from a business perspective."


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