No gold farming strategy is the same

No gold farming strategy is the same

Farming, or"gold farming," as it is more commonly known, involves playing a video game with the particular goal of amassing huge amounts of in-game currency (in this case, RuneScape gold) to OSRS gold sell for profit out RuneScape. It is nothing new, as the infrastructure of Venezuela has been not able to operate in the past couple of decades, however, it's become more pronounced. Every Venezuelan RuneScape player we spoke to for this story told us they sell their gold for either U.S. dollars or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which means that their hard work is not compromised by the hyperinflation of their currency, the Venezuelan bolivar.

They don't struggle to find places to invest the money that they earn, possibly -- a recent study estimated that 54% of trades in Venezuela last October were completed in U.S. dollars. "I can not talk for my pals, but for me personally OSRS, my family would have starved," Martinez explains. "I personally know a good deal of people who left the country thanks to OSRS and still know people hoping to do it," he continues. "I would say that almost all of the youth that have had the opportunity to leave the country have done so -- probably either via OSRS or alternative means.

I have my sister and nephews around -- you can not have a normal job; a large number of families live off the cash their expats send them" There's plenty of online sites that specialize in the buying and selling of RuneScape merchandise. It is a market that is competitive, with sites taking out Google Ads to appear on top of search listings. In the time of writing, 1 million RuneScape gold sells for 63 cents.

This allows one to quickly level up battle skills for the account he is playing, which, after high enough, are then sold for U.S. dollars to other RuneScape players. He's paid an hourly rate to buy RuneScape gold do so, and earns $100-150 monthly. By simply submitting a Reddit thread requesting work, alejandro got the gig.