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You are almost at the finish line, but what remains is for you to turn a good essay into an excellent essay. You do this by editing your text. do my paper If you have the opportunity, wait a few days before reading your essay. It will make you see things in a clearer light. Of course, it is also a good idea to get others to read the text before sending it out into the world.

When you start editing, you should be aware of these three elements:

Start by looking at the content. Check the facts one more time, especially if there are passages that you are in doubt about. Are there any claims in your essay that you should check once more? Has new information been added since you did your research? Be careful, because it's about making your essay and your argumentation as watertight as possible.

By extension, you can look at the overall statements of your essay. Is there a connection between your starting point (which you formulated in a single sentence) and then what you wrote? What about the overview? Are there repetitions that you should clear out? Are there any ambiguities or deficiencies? Does your essay appear as a fluid text with natural transitions, or are there abrupt interruptions and unnatural shifts? If so, then you must rewrite and create natural transitions.

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Next, you can focus on the language. There should be no spelling mistakes, commas and periods should be spelled correctly, and your sentences should be clear and easy to understand. Your language must first and foremost be readable. An essay must never become a competition in foreign words and little, write instead in clear and ordinary Danish. If you are in doubt about the rules in Danish grammar, consult this excellent page.

Once you have looked at the three elements, you are ready to edit and rewrite. This is where you cut off all the unnecessary fat. All repetitions must go away, and so must unnecessary words. Cut down on the adjectives that weaken the credibility of the text. Make the passive verbs active - read why and how here - and avoid contradictions. Cut out information that is not relevant to your topic and rewrite any sentences that are unclear or where you are going to contradict yourself. Put more punctuation and make your sentences shorter.

It is said of the good writer that he can be recognized by the size of his trash! There's something about it, and when you're done editing, your essay should be significantly shorter than it was in the first version. It is a good rule of thumb that you should cut it down by a quarter or a fifth. If your essay fills 5 pages in the first place, then cut it down to 4.

10 tips for writing an essay

When you have finished editing, you are on goal. Read your essay one last time, make the very last corrections and send it out into the world. Snap up a beer and pat yourself on the shoulder. Enjoy the moment.

If you want to reflect on your process, then you can take a look at these 10 tips that you can use the next time you need to write an essay.

  1. The better the research, the better the essay.
  2. Find your writing flow and use the necessary aids to block the distractions.
  3. Do not make lists and write bullet points - you are writing an essay, not a guide.
  4. Complete your essay before moving on to the next assignment.
  5. Formulate your starting point in a single sentence.
  6. Let your paragraphs consist of 5-8 sentences.
  7. Support the controversy in your essay with facts.
  8. Let others read your essay before you finish it.
  9. Cutaway the unnecessary.
  10. Put points!

If you stick to these 10 points and otherwise follow the recipe you have been given in this guide, you will increase your odds of writing an excellent essay significantly.

It's not about being fast - it's about being good

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It may seem like a lot of work to write an essay this way, but I can guarantee that it is also a very satisfying job. By writing an excellent essay, you get the opportunity to enlighten and engage your reader (or if you are a high school student or student: to get a very high grade!) And leave a lasting impression. That's the word, do. That's what essays can do. It's just about getting started.

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