It is genuine that you’re supported to have an ESA letter. In light of everything, cats work extraordinary as an energetic assistance animal. Cats are sensitive and cool and they tend to distinguish human direct and points of view.

For people who struggle with their emotional health, cats are an excellent option for an emotional support animal. Less attention-seeking than dogs but much more quirky, cats can add an element of joy and fun in daily life, if you’re thinking to get a cat as an ESA, following are some popular breeds that work absolutely for an ESA and are best known to lifts someone’s mood.


These easy-going fluffy felines are famously known for going limp when picked up, means they adore to be held. With an affectionate nature and soft silky fur, they are the perfect cats for constant cuddles.


These cats develop solid ties with their owners and are often used as therapy cats. With the reputation of being gentle and giant, they are loving and tactile pets that love human attention.


The Siamese cat is one of the most recognizable breeds, thanks to its bright blue eyes and wedge-shaped heads. These cats are alert, loveable, and known for making strong bonds with their owners.


Russian Blue cats are loyal, soft-tempered, and will follow the commands 0f their owners. They are also quiet, calm, loving, sweet, decent, and affectionate.

Undoubtedly, Meows are one of the fascinating creatures on this planet. They are loving, compassionate, and social. This quality makes them the best emotional support animal. They help you alleviate homesickness, anxiety, obesity, etc.

Maybe that is the reason they are your home psychiatrists. Their unconditional love, warmth and softness are calming and mood-boosting. In the same vein, the need to care for them provides you with a purpose and a sense of being needed.

When ESA enter your world, they make a huge difference so get an ESA therapist near metoday and get a cat for yourself as an ESA.