Service Life Of 400w Outdoor Ultra-thin Led Floodlight


Service life of 400w outdoor slim led floodlights.The panel has a great relationship with its own quality factors. Therefore, it is very important to choose LED floodlight panels with good quality and high cost performance. Therefore, the question is, how can we quickly determine the quality of the grille panel?

First, let's take a look at the appearance of the 400w outdoor ultra-thin led floodlight panel: Generally speaking, the led floodlight panel is made of two materials: the chassis is made of plastic. This quality is not as reliable as cold-rolled sheet. The service life is not long.

two. Check the relevant certificates of 400w outdoor ultra-thin led floodlight panel, such as 3C certification and test report. Generally speaking, professional lighting factories have passed the national quality certification.

After installing the light source, you need to check the overall brightness of the led floodlight panel. For people who are not very professional, it is difficult to distinguish their luminous efficiency from the naked eye, and remind people to wear sunglasses to see more clearly. It is mainly to check whether there are dark areas and bright spots on both sides of the lamp board, and finally to check the color of the light, which cannot be observed by the naked eye.

A simple way to check the light color of 200-watt high-power outdoor ultra-thin led floodlights (visit: -slim -led-floodlight-ip65-mars-series.html) After igniting the lamp cup, the panel is blocked with a piece of white paper 5 cm away from the head of the LED floodlight panel (the white paper should not be stuck to the LED Floodlight panel (due to the refraction of the lens). Better high-power 200w outdoor ultra-thin led floodlight panel has better light color consistency, while poor led floodlight panel is easy to produce different color areas .