Tricks for Drinking More Water

Tricks for Drinking More Water - how to be more hydrated more often

There are many tricks for drinking more water, but if you want to be really safe, then you should skip the ones that involve buying expensive bottled water and/or fancy bottles and turn to filtered water. For starters, a lot of bottled water is treated with chlorine, which is one of the most harmful chemicals for your body. It's also been shown that drinking chlorinated water over just an hour can cause stomach ulcers. For this reason alone, I definitely avoid bottles or anything else made from plastic. If you must use one though, try to find one that uses a combination of carbon and ceramic filtration.


For other tricks for drinking more water, you might try drinking less water, too. For example, did you know that drinking two quarts less each day can lower your risk of developing osteoporosis? That's because less water dilutes your bodily calcium and magnesium levels. Drinking just one quart less per day can cut your risk by half. In addition to reducing your calcium and magnesium levels, however, water fasting has been shown to increase your HDL, or good cholesterol.


Water fasting also has a strange side effect: it can help you lose weight. Although this isn't a rapid way to lose weight, it is effective. You see, most of the fat you lose when you fast is made up of water, so drinking more water can actually speed up your body's natural metabolism. In fact, your body's natural metabolism will keep you from eating more than you normally do while fasting. This makes you feel full longer and allows you to eat less food than usual.


If none of the tricks for drinking more water you've read so far sounds like it'll work, then it's time to get a couple bottles of distilled water. If you're not a fan of the taste of distilled water, try to get a couple bottles of purified water instead. The water that comes out of the taps in most cities is heavily polluted with bacteria and chemicals that can cause serious damage to your health. Try to find a purifier that reduces traces of copper and mercury, and may contain fewer other metals.


Of all the tricks for drinking more water, there's another that may sound downright strange: drinking plain water. Water naturally contains a variety of minerals, and the only difference is how the minerals are distributed in the water. Chlorine and lead, for instance, are found in greater amounts in tap water than in mineral water. Some distilled waters don't contain any of these substances at all. If you drink only distilled water, you'll get all the minerals you need without any additional chemicals or pollutants.


If you want to permanently boost your immune system and enjoy better overall health, there are several tricks for drinking more water that can be implemented on a permanent basis. It all starts with the simplest trick, though, and that's to drink lots of pure water. Pure water is good for you in a number of ways, and even if it doesn't trick you into drinking more, it will do wonders for your health overall. There are many different sources of pure water on the market, including natural spring water and even rainwater. If you live in a city or country where there isn't much natural water available, you can buy bottled water, but for true green living, you'll simply want to drink plenty of water from natural sources.


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