Biometric based attendance and time terminals are becoming more and more popular due to the many benefits they offer. Since the biometrics terminals read each employee’s unique fingerprint, hand shape, iris or face shape, they ensure employees are unable to clock in for one another, preventing cases of employee time theft. A biometric time clock creates verifiable audit trails, thereby creating a workforce management attendance and time system that improves accountability and responsibility. This system is able to accurately identify an employee, which means he or she can be held responsible for frequent tardiness, absenteeism, unscheduled breaks etc. Employees on a Biometric Attendance System are more likely to be accountable and responsible. Modern innovation and technology have led to quite a few advancements that help businesses grow, develop and reach higher levels of productivity. One type of technology many businesses have begun to use is biometric technology. Allied Enterprises is one of the leading professional vendors in the arena of Time Attendance System, Access Control, Telecommunication contractor and Vehicle tracking solutions. Allied Enterprises is a team of passionate young individuals who are committed to making a difference in the way businesses are run. Allied is one of the leading suppliers of Portable Time Attendance System in Qatar .The company offers a wide array of technical solutions for various needs of homes and businesses which help get better outcomes with strong operational focus.