Metaverse by Heyluu


Invite All Your Friends and Community

Just One Step:

Only what you need to do is share the same Server name where you are in Heyluu with all your friends and community so they can join it with you.


Always be sure you and your community are using the same Heyluu Metaverse to join the same server.

There are 3 different Heyluu: Heyluu Web, Heyluu URP, and Heyluu HDR.

To see the different, visit the download page at

How to

Join or Enter a Metaverse

Just One Step:

Open Heyluu, then click on your favorite available Server.


If someone provides you with a Server name, check if it is available inside of Heyluu to enter on that same Server.

If that Server is not available inside of Heyluu, you can click on Host New Server so you can invite all your friends and community.

How to

Host New Server

Step 1:

Open Heyluu, then click on Host New Server.

Step 2:

Add a name to your Server, then choose your favorite world.

How does Heyluu Work


We love all developers who really want to help to improve Heyluu with Mods.

Be part of the Heyluu Mods Community and start now submitting all your mods to Heyluu to verify them.

When you verified all your Mods you will have a lot of benefits and the Heyluu Team can help you in the process to show up all your Mods to the Heyluu Market so anyone buys your Mods.

Let's build together the future of Virtual Reality.

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Heyluu is a metaverse virtual environment where you can work, get entertained, and connect with people around the world.


Our vision is to give you a virtual environment where you can work, get entertained, and connect with people globally.


Our mission is to provide the most realistic experience using the most advanced technologies available.


Metaverse Without Borders

Heyluu is growing by 95% every month with a steady love from users around the world.

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